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Monday, July 22, 2013

Governor Julie Soso’s Hausline Bottom Up planning Model gaining prominence in the social media

In the popular social media, the Facebook, a notice was posted from a devoted Timeline, as a scheduled meeting was progressing between senior officials of the Papua New Guinea Vision 2050 Office and senior advisors of the Governor of Eastern Highlands, Julie Soso was being progressed. Below is the statement put to hundreds of Facebook friends in Papua New Guinea and overseas on Tuesday, 16th July 2013.
“This morning at the Office of the PNG Vision 2050, the senior officials are discussing bottom up planning, a conceptual model being developed by the Governor of Eastern Highlands, Hon. Julie Soso. The model when discussed, and refined, it will be submitted to the Central Agencies Coordinating Committee for its endorsement before being presented to the National Executive Council. This model, which is being looked at in a number of provinces, takes on the challenge put by the PNG Vision 2050 document (page 13). For the information of the Facebook friends, you can access this document by using Google search under the title: pngvision 2050. There is also the website to access the document”.
 “The government will need to approve the service delivery model that has been developed by the PNG Vision 2050 Office. This model will be complemented by the EHP Governor's model. We shall keep you posted. Have a great day”.
Immediately after the above statement was released, comments and queries flooded the pages of the respective Timeline from which the statement emanated from. Here is the first to respond, by none other than Ernie Gangloff. Here is his observation. “The planning process is just one part of the framework. The other is to make sure we have the people with the right skills. Gangloff was soon followed by Prince Simon affirming the proactive engagement being undertaken by the PNG Vision 2050 Office. “ A reply was promptly send back to Gangloff. “You are spot on.”
EHP Governor Julie Soso
Am other Facebook friend follower offered this “You are right my friend, a good plan would also include the HR requirements and financing package as well. Thanks bro”.
All the way from Port Vila, Vanuatu, another Papua New Guinean keen follower of PNG’s development had this to offer. Damien Hopahand added “Thanks for the great job. You are real thinkers....it’s the Pageants making their own decisions for the desired future that is ahead... Hosea 4:6 'my people perish because of lack of knowledge. This time we out that and we into our promised land.”
Back in PNG, Atimeng Buhupe  adds. “This is great news. I am going to be involved at ward levels in designing integrated ward/community development planning for several communities in West Sepik. Framework you are developing will neatly tie these bottom level plans to Vision 2050 as well as MTDS and PNGDSP”
Anther comment from Samson Kakai; “ That's what PNG needs. However, whilst having the concept in place, it is also very important that the financial and human resource components are tidied up so when it comes to implementation, no other strategic component paralyses the rest”.
Russell Soaba, Papua New Guinea’s very own world renowned, academic, novelist and poet has this to offer in his Facebook page. “A great job you are doing. We have seen some aspects of the "vision’s realities at the recent national education sector conference at University of Goroka last week. Everything certainly is falling into place. We must keep working on this”
Another regular commentator has this piece to add.  Ray Korimbo says; “Our country’s leaders and bureaucracy seems totally infatuated with planning. We plan to plan and meet to arrange further meetings. So much for the "Year of Implementation".
Arnold Bogea Good on you all, hardworking ladies and gentlemen, we have a great land but we must keep at it for its full potential and beauty to be truly realized. We are on watch now so let us do a good job before we pass the baton on to our succeeding generation.
A certain senior Papua New Guinean who is on a study break in Australia has this to say. “ Yeah, I read Minister for Finance James Marabe's statement in parliament stating to promote bottom up planning to avoid projects manufactured on the streets of Port Moresby and submitted to National Planning for funding. He wanted to see all projects must be scoped and documented at the wards, LLGs and Districts level. All the projects identified and submitted must be in line with Districts and Provincial development Plans. This was the planning model being advocated by PNG V2050 all alone to bring some sanity into the planning and funding process.
If someone is to be blamed for the madness in the way development funds are handled is CACC. CACC needs to wake from its slumber and get its act together to provide leadership to beau racy. At the moment, every department is running their own empire and command and control is not there. As a result we see massive account of development funds (in millions) just disappeared without any proper records as we gathered from Charles Abel presentation at parliament”.                                                                                    
The beauty about all this is that planning concepts such as the one being developed by the Governor of Eastern Highlands is a worthy undertaking. Should there be views of comments that needs to be presented to either to Governor Soso or the PNG Vision 2050 office may do so by sending comments to the blog address: tiikiiembshiiemb.blogspot.com

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