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Monday, February 22, 2010

Warm reception for Jean, Parkop


JEAN and Powes Parkop were at the home grounds of the Gordons 13s Rugby Touch on Sat, Feb 13, 2010. The city's first family arrived to a quiet but leisurely welcome at the Gordons Police Barracks.

The couple was met by young beauties including those from the Oro country living around the Gordons area. The entry to the barracks was rough as the Governor and his entourage passed through the crowded residential allotments where many families have moved into the dormitory type housing meant for single policemen. But that is another matter.

Governor Parkop and his wife turned up as promised while the clubs that make up the Gordons 13s Rugby Touch were at the games, large groups of supporters and teams administrators were at hand to receive the Governor's delegation at the Barracks; this is the only playground for the population of about 20,000 who live around the area known as Erima, Gordons Market, Gordon Five and of course the Police Barracks. As has become apparent, the Governor is by no means a real stranger in the area. Years ago our Governor was living at a flat at Lapwing Drive when he was working as a reporter for the Wantok Niuspepa.

Other than the young people who have been raised in the area, only a few older people could recall the days when the Governor was walking the streets, many of these streets being repaired under the current regime.

What the younger people are talking about is the proactive actions being taken by the Governor in transforming the city including providing employment for many mothers and young people in keeping the city clean. These young people also talked about different sports being promoted; these include building of children's playground and other recreational activities.

Apart from a small donation to the sporting teams in preparations for the finals that have brought them together under the Gordons 13s Rugby Touch, the Governor undertook to build a basketball and volleyball courts within the Barracks area for use by the residents of the area.

The NCD Governor has other ideas about the Police Barracks. He said that the Barracks should be demolished as the place has been condemned by health authorities as unfit for human habitation. He has asked the National Government to urgently plan for relocation to a suitable site, possibly to an area between Six Mile and Bautama along the Magi Highway.

At the Gordons Barracks meeting the Governor also let his people know about his intention to  set up an umbrella organisation- the National Capital District Sports Authority. The function for such an authority would be, among others, to coordinate and promote grassroots sports for the people of the National Capital District.

The main aim of the NCDSA is to get as many people to be involved in as many sporting codes as possible.
Sports promote health and unite people from all parts of our diverse nation. Giving sports to young people means using up of some powerful energy that radiate among the youths of the city. Sports have an electrifying positive effect on people of all ages but more so, on the young population.

After all, the Governor is well placed to make the move to get his people both healthy and united, in the course producing sports ambassadors in many and varied sporting codes. Besides, Port Moresby is going to be hosting the next South Pacific Games. The city has to be gearing up for that eventuality! Well done, Governor, and thank you.

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