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Monday, February 15, 2010

Basic computer maintenance tips



I REMEMBER in my childhood days when I was at home my dad had a car and I had to wash the car every now and then when it was dirty after dad came back from long trips. 

Washing the car included sweeping the insides and checking the oil, filling the radiator and checking the tyres. All these maintenance checks are part of good practices that a car owner must undergo to maintain good performance.

The same applies to computers; you will achieve maximum performance out of your computer if you apply maintenance checks on a regular basis. Want to know some tips? Let's get started. 

Update your softwares regularly. If you are connected to the internet always run the Live Update feature of softwares you are using to connect to the manufacturers website to download updates. Anti Virus softwares have to be regularly updated to maintain a strong immune mechanism against computer viruses. Email me for the updates, its free. Only for Symantec, Norton and AVG. If you have other softwares apart from Anti

Viruses such as graphics or industrial software check the latest versions and buy them, obviously latest versions will have improved enhanced features.

A very important tip to save you from having an heart attack is to regularly do back up of your precious data. Always save the back up to the root drive of your PC or an external drive. If you have very important data that is incremental do a daily back up and save several copies in different locations.

That is exactly what banks do. They do daily back ups and save copies of the data in different locations not within the same building or even province. They do this because of the value of data. Find a good back up software to do automatic back ups everyday or simply use the windows back up utility to schedule back up. I know most users have data in their PC that they treasure. It could be certificates, contract documents, photos or even love letters. Please do a back up.

Install a registry fix software to clean up your computer registry every time you use the computer. Imagine your computer as a flower garden. As time goes by the flowers grow out of order and weeds grow within the flowers. To the gardener it is not healthy for the  flowers and he has to trim the garden regularly.

The computer is just like that, as you use the computer temporary flies, cookies; invalid registry links as well as unnecessary files fill the hard disk. Registry and Tweak tune ups clean the system from these files.  Empty the recycle bin regularly to free space. Start disk clean up every time (see last weeks article). Run your registry fix every time to keep the system stable. Update it and get newer versions every time.  This tip will help create space. I would rather recommend Tune Up Utilities or RegCure for registry fix. Business as usual, email me if you want it.

Open your computer case and clean out the dust by gently blowing using a dust blower. This is very important because right now some of you are using your computers without knowing that there are cobwebs in your computer. Don't be scared there's nothing technical about it. Just get a screw driver open the casing and clean out the dust. But! Make sure the power is switched off. Because the computer is designed to be placed in a cool environment it is not good for dust to accumulate which may contribute to high temperatures in the casing. Dust may also contribute to rust. Check Screen Wipes from computer dealers and wipe clean your monitor to give it a shinning look.

As residents of urban Papua New Guinea, please always use a UPS. Due to frequent blackouts our files are vulnerable to be lost when ever a black out occurs. Black outs can also lead to hard disk boot failure. Buy a UPS it's worth the cost, nothings more important than your files if you are in an organization.

Buy a CD/DVD Rom head cleaner and clean your disk drive regularly. Sometimes laser lens get dirty over time therefore for correct read write functions please run a disk clean up. If you have a roller mouse, open and remove the ball to clean the inside. Dirty mouse will contribute to slower curser maneuvering making users frustrated.

When using a laptop, be easy on the keyboard. Laptop keyboards are sensitive and can detect even the slightest hit. Hard hitting may result in damaged keys which I believe many users have already experienced. Avoid playing games on the laptop, games use key functions and may require continuous quick actions on the keys. When playing games on the laptop use an external USB keyboard. Use a USB mouse also in this case.

Avoid eating while typing,this may lead to ants going into the keyboard because of food
crumbs. Mine was the case. I had ants all over the keyboard. If this happen remove the keyboard and shake the ants off. 

Most people use their computers just for the sake of using without being conscious that computers need a lot of attention from the user as far as its maintenance is concerned. Be a responsible user, take time at least once a week to follow the tips given.  Write up a schedule where you carry up the maintenance activities regularly.

Use this article as a manual where you go through it one by one. Last week's article was good use it also.
Trust me if you keep applying strict maintenance procedures you will fully utilize your computer. Your PC will be well cared for giving you maximum performance. Some users pay for services which they themselves can do at home. If you fully get these tips the IT firms are under treat. Anyway it's always like that, when society develops the people become self reliant. I believe these series of articles will help you all.

Until then, keep those emails coming. pkasar@itelpng.com       

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