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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parkop Cup games transforming youths at Jabiru Drive

                Bodaline Storms Team from Jabiru- Hinchcliffe Streets


THE AUSTRALIAN Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) news item aired on Thursday night was considered a fairs assessment for PNG. The news items was in regard to law and order situation in the country, and whether the wanted robber-William Kapis Nanua was a high risk to majority of the people in this country. 

The resident commentator from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation summed up the mood of the country, saying that majority of the population are not at risk and are not afraid of the escapee. He said the fact of the matter is that the population on the whole are not risk, except the business community in general. The latter's reaction is expected any way!

Earlier in the week, the mood of high alert among the security community was one of frenzy. The panic among the business community was such, that heard whispering to another, in low voices that, "we better plan to head north to where we both originated from" or another retorted "is this the beginning of the Asian riot thing?'
On the whole the citizens in the nation's capital, and other main commercial centers went about their usual daily lives, while the police went about searching for the escapees. Also one morning several of these men were seen mingling with workers heading to various destinations in Port Moresby.

Quiet and active on the other side of town at border zone between Gordon and Erima teams were busy doing warming up exercise for the grassroots city zone completion of rugby touch for the Governor Parkop Cup.

Jabiru Drive and Hinchcliffe area is compact community zone that has majority of young people without any form of employment, there are quite a few who are self employed, selling store goods on the street. Once in a while they would offer their services doing odd jobs for some parents within the community. Crime related activities are rarely heard of, except once in blue moon someone from the other side of the hill, that is the Erima Settlement would creep into the community and snatch a bag or two from unsuspecting women rushing to Gordon Market for daily sales.

The Jabiru- Hinshclife connection to the rest of Port Moresby is through the game of rugby touch. These two city streets form the home of the Bodaline Storms, the team has the potential to become quite formable with the current strength of three grades- A, B and C. Already the completion is into the five weeks of intense training and actual games being played at the playing field at Gordon's Police Barracks. Within the area around Gordons Market, Gordon Five, Lapwing and Jabiru- Hinchcliffe Streets, teams of young men and women have sprung up in recent week.

These teams, quite interesting and innovative are fixing roads and trimming grass on the side walk to raise funds for the various teams by players and supporters.  Parents who have seen an attitude change, resulting in creative energies in their son and daughters are assisting in various fund raising activities for the  scores of teams that have sprung up in recent weeks just for the Governors Cup in the off session period.

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